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Benny's Idea

Benny's Idea is the an interactive childrens book

Benny is a boy with a big imagination, he wants to travel to a magical island on a ship he built. When his friends hear, they want to come as well, adding their own imaginations. Benny has to learn that the company is more important than the destination.

Benny's Idea, is a pop up book. In it's current form it is a full accordian folded book.

Benny's friends all have vivid imaginations as well.

The two full page spread of everyone on their adventure.

The final words and back cover.

The orginial idea was to embed the storybook with 2D holograms as part of the illustration. I learned how to create and print these holograms, I still have experimenting to do with this process to get it to a place for this use.